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SLT introduces Virtual Hearing Solution for Commercial High Courts

15 November, 2020

From left: Imas Imthiyaz (Member/ Colombo Law Library), TharinduRajakaruna ( Member/ Colombo Law Library), ThiwankaEkaratna (Member / Colombo Law Library), ShivanCoorey (Secretary/Colombo Law Library), Rohan Fernando (SLT Group Chairman),  LalithSeneviratne (SLT Group CEO), KiththiPerera (CEO/SLT),  Priyantha Fernandez (COO/SLT).

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) has extended their expertise to the Commercial High Courts of Sri Lanka with the introduction of a new Virtual Hearing Solution. The new online platform was developed by Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) in partnership with the Colombo Law Library.

The new online platform is to ensure that Courts continue functioning unhindered by Covid-19 or any other similar crisis in the future. The online system will function as a ‘virtual courthouse,’ and will permit cases to be heard remotely with the use of Video Conferencing technology, minimizing the number of people frequenting courthouses.

The Virtual Hearing Solution will have separate interfaces for judges and lawyers. It has been developed as a user friendly package ensuring that the practice followed in court houses is aptly digitized, giving lawyers an easy transition from the present routine at court.

Upon registration, lawyers will be presented options to enter a Virtual Court Room of Choice that leads to a Video Conference Interface with the Judges of the respective courts, which will be visible to all.

Colombo Law Library Secretary ShivanCoorey said, “When Covid-19 struck Sri Lanka in March, 2020, we were forced to think outside the box.

The Colombo Law Library approached SLT asking for assistance and they, without any hesitation or a price, in the interest of humanity, helped us.

It is high time that we get together and see that change takes place, not only securing our safety from health hazards but much more – cost saving, efficiency and we will be on par with the more developed jurisdictions.”

Group Chairman of SLT Rohan Fernando said, “We recognized the need to enable the judicial department to deliver its services effectively and the public to access these services without difficulty.

As the telecommunication service provider to the nation, we felt it was our duty to provide a solution to this dilemma and we hope this facilitates a smoother, minimal risk platform for the High Courts.”