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Smart laundry solutions from Abans

15 November, 2020

Abans has constantly been at the forefront of introducing the extensive range of LG products to Sri Lanka over the span of several decades.

LG introduces Vivace Washer Dryers that feature revolutionary, first-ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to offer the best care for your clothes.

Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive detects the weight of your laundry, senses the softness of the fabric and chooses the optimal washing pattern for each fabric by itself. Using deep-learning technology, AI DD offers 18% more fabric protection.

TurboWash 360° features a 3D nozzle inside which sprays water in four directions during washing and rinsing. This optimizes the power and direction of water to ensure a completely in-depth and fast wash to save energy and protect fabrics at the same time.

TurboWash enables laundry to be thoroughly done in just 39 minutes. LG Steam+™ technology contains an Allergy Care function that eliminates 99.9% of allergens, such as dust mites that can cause allergy or respiratory issues.

The Wrinkle Care function reduces wrinkles on your clothes up to 30% that may have been caused by the drying process.

Inverter Direct Drive saves energy up to 36% by offering a powerful wash with less noise, more durability and less vibration. The LG ThinQ app enables you to control and monitor your LG Washer Dryer from anywhere, anytime using a smartphone.

You can monitor energy usage, change wash cycles and also monitor washing times.

The Inverter Direct Drive features a super reliable motor that operates with low noise levels but delivers high performance at all times, while saving energy up to 36%.

The enhanced anti-vibration control offers 32% increased internal capacity with a larger drum to wash more clothes.

LG Vivace Washer Dryers are available as a Twin Washer and without the Mini Washer versions.