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Manifest what you need

15 November, 2020
Old man in the jungle
Old man in the jungle

All the inventions by humans were first manifested in their minds. - Sadhguru, the Mystic Yogi

“We spend a comfortable life in the sophisticated world where we created the machinery which makes our lives easier. But it seems that all the things we formed to make our lives much convenient, happier and enjoyable haven’t gifted us the contentment and the relief we sought for ages.

Everything man has placed on earth was once a thought born in his mind. The human mind holds that much power and is the most advanced tool in existence.

“One thing we need to understand is that the wonderful things we’ve done on this planet and the horrible things we have done on this planet both have come from the human mind.

It is important to make sure what we create in this world is coming from the right kind of thinking,” Sadhguru said. Humankind suffers their creations, and the unhappiness and discontent have given them continuous mental pain. The fundamental reason is that humans tirelessly sought answers for the wellbeing of physical pleasure and joy while disregarding the wellbeing of the mind.

As a consequence, they struggle with constant negativity popping up in their minds. It is ironic how humans fail to direct their thoughts in the right direction. The things become accidental and haphazard once a human being stops living consciously.

Under a wishing tree

There is a wonderful story from the ancient Yogic culture that explains the phenomena. On a certain day, a man took a walk.

His long walk accidentally took him to paradise. After this long walk, he felt a little tired. So he thought ‘oh, I’m tired, I wish I could rest somewhere’ and he looked around, and there was a shady tree, and underneath it, there was a cushiony grass, and it was inviting him. Then he went there and slept. Waking up from a sound sleep he had a thought, ‘I’m well-rested, I wish I had something to eat’ There he thought about all the nice things that he had ever wanted to eat in his entire lifetime and instantly all those things appeared in front of him magically. Hungry people don’t ask questions. Food appeared, and he ate till his stomach become full.

Then he thought, ‘my stomach is full, I wish I had something to drink’ and all of a sudden the nice things that he ever wanted to drink just appeared in front of him.

After drinking a little bit of alcohol which was with him, he started to think, ‘what the hell is happening right here? I asked for food; food appeared; I asked for a drink, drink appeared’.

And his very next thought was ‘there must be ghosts around here’ the next second, the ghosts appeared. However, the man kept thinking, ‘the ghosts have come, they are going to surround me and will torture me to death’. As he thought, immediately, the ghosts arrived and started torturing him, and he was screaming in pain, ‘they are going to kill me’. Finally, he died. The problem was that he was sitting under a Kalpawruksha, which means a wishing tree.

Movements and imitation

In yoga, we refer to the human mind as a monkey (Markata in Sanscrit). The reason why we refer to our mind as a monkey is that it contains the qualities of a monkey, such as unnecessary movements and imitation.

These two qualities of a monkey are similar to an ‘Unestablished Mind’. Today, most humans could teach unnecessary movement to the monkey and the quality of imitation has become the full-time job of his mind.

In Yoga, a well-established mind is referred to as Kalpawruksha.

The moral of the story is that you should never mess with wrong thoughts as it may bring unfortunate results. The one who knows how to manage his thoughts and emotions the way he/ she wanted, there is an immense possibility of achieving the things in need.

Start asking yourself, if your thoughts and emotions took instructions from you, would you naturally keep yourself in the highest levels of pleasantness?