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A peek into The Truth in their Lies

15 November, 2020

Continuing the weekly series of excerpts from the detective crime thriller novel The Truth in Their Lies by Sri Lankan author Amanda Wickremarachchi, The Youth Observer brings its readers the third installment of excerpts from Amanda’s novel to offer another glimpse into The Truth in Their Lies…

Amber woke up startled, to find herself in a strange bed in a large room that she couldn’t recognise. Everything around her seemed dark and unfamiliar, yet she couldn’t shake her sense of déjà vu. She could see a couple of empty beds next to hers. The air felt thick and she saw everything in dull greys and sombre pastels, devoid of any real colour. Am I dreaming? She thought to herself.

Something clicked in her mind. Could this be… the foster house? Amber slid out of bed and looked carefully around her. Everything looked surprisingly neat, but one thing caught her immediate attention; a splash of colour amidst the grey; a drawing, probably done by a child, a simple sunset. Amber stared at it, in awe.

Suddenly, a girl’s deafening scream escaped from outside the room making her jolt. She stared in the direction of the scream and then heard them again, growing unnerving louder, terrifying her. It was hard to tell if they were screams of pain or fear.

It’s just a dream... Amber took slow steps towards the door. Her hand shook as she turned the doorknob and pushed open the door. She took a deep breath and hurried towards the screams; they were coming from the other end of the hallway. She began to run as the cries grew louder and louder till she stopped at the entrance of another large room.

She gasped as her eyes widened in fear. On a massive bed in the middle of the room lay a fragile looking girl, shivering as she lay in blood-drenched sheets. She was clothed in a long white dress that was stained in crimson patches.

“Help me, please…” the girl wailed, and Amber’s mouth dropped opened as she stared at the girl, her face obscured by strands of damp hair.

Amber rushed to her bedside. “Don’t cry, I’m here to help you…”

Amber felt a hand grab her by the back of her neck. She froze as an bloodcurdling voice whispered in her ear, “Are you, now?”

* * *

The author of The Truth in their Lies, kindly invites readers of the Sunday Observer Youth Magazine to share feedback about these excerpts. She can be reached via email: [email protected] and also Instagram: @amanda_wickz and Facebook : Amanda Wickremarachchi

Await another exciting glimpse into Amanda’s thriller fiction novel next week as the Sunday Observer Youth Magazine brings you the final installment of this weekly series of excerpts from The Truth in their Lies.