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NDB Wealth focuses on educating investor

22 November, 2020

NDB Wealth provides investors with solid and sensible investment plans to help enhance their financial security, a spokesman for the company said.

NDB Wealth’s Growth and Income fund is an ideal account for the ‘balanced investor’ who has a moderate inclination towards risk. The fund allows investors to take calculated risks and gives returns from the Stock and Bond markets. Funds are invested in stocks listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange, Corporate and Government Debt.

The income generated from stocks as dividends and interest from the Bonds and capital gains can be withdrawn anytime without a penalty.

Manager, Asset Management, Amaya Nagodavithane said, “We pride ourselves on having a capable team with expertise backed by a strong team of trained advisors.

“They are trained to think of the client first and not profits. We focus on educating investors of the potential risks and guide them on how to take risks before introducing them to investment products.”

The Growth and Income Fund by NDB Wealth is an open-ended balanced fund which can help an investor to grow their wealth in leaps and bounds.

However, careful analysis and proper wealth management planning is crucial to strike the right balance to gain the maximum returns while taking the minimum or manageable risks.

*Current yield is variable and subject to change.

Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the Exploratory Memorandum before investing. Investors should also consider the fees and charges involved.