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NEOS app expands horizons to other bank customers

22 November, 2020

NDB is a Bank that has always been in the Digital forefront, introducing new and improved methods of banking for customers.

During a time where minimum contact with others is in the best interests of every individual, NDB introduced NEOS Pay, a QR payment method in which customers can make payments to merchants, pay bills and perform a host of other transactions via the same platform.

Since NEOS Pay is linked to the LankaClearJustPay platform, customers can simply use their other bank account details to register for NEOS Pay.

Upon registering customers will be able to avail the QR payment facility to settle merchant payments as well as bill payments with ease and convenience.

Customers can add accounts of any other bank linked to the JustPay system onto NEOS Pay.

This QR payment method will allow the customer to avoid using cash, and instead, make payments or pay bills via their NEOS App - powered by NDB, from their NDB Bank account or their other bank accounts registered with NEOS.

The user does not need to have an account at NDB to use this facility, as NEOS Pay delivers a one stop payment app for all bank customers.

The NEOS Online Banking channel is also available with a true omni-channel experience for bank customers with the means to log into the NEOS App and NEOS Online Banking channels using the same login credentials. Having understood the customer’s need for convenience, the Bank has enabled the facility where the details of all beneficiaries, billers and scheduled payments created in one channel will be available in the other channel as well, including the scheduled payments and message inbox/outbox features.

New users can register for NEOS Online Banking using their existing NDB account or card details, similar to registration for the Mobile Banking application and continue accessing both channels simultaneously.