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Vagamon - Reaching out to the sky-high hills

22 November, 2020
Sunset at Vagamon
Sunset at Vagamon

Vagamon, the range of sky-high hills in the Kerala state of India reveals an unusual beauty of nature. Vagamon forms the border of the Idukki district, displaying a spectacle of its natural beauty. This remote hilly area has never failed to attract local as well as foreign tourists every season.

The exotic beauty of the hills stands out among travel destinations due to its unique topographical features. Some of the destinations located in Vagamon are, the Pine forest, Marmala waterfall, Thangalpara (the iconic rock), the Meadows (Barren hills), Vagamon lake, Mundakayam Ghat (sunrise and sunset watching point), Vagamon falls, Idukki dam, Kurisumala (the sacred place worshiped by Christians) and the Murugan Mala (the Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Murugan).

The mint cool breeze blowing across the misty green hills and the heavy cloudy sky in Vagamon reflects the divinity of nature. Even though the journey to the top of the peak is somewhat tiring, it is worth the effort. Any type of vehicle has access to reach any of the above travel destinations in Vagamon. For those willing to take the bus, could get off in the Vagamon town, which is the final destination, and hire a three-wheeler (‘Auto’ in Indian slang) or a jeep at a reasonable price.

Scenic locations

For one-day trip planners looking forward to cover all the scenic locations in Vagamon, it is worthwhile following the above process. There are plenty of options to choose if you intend to spend a vacation at this scenic misty hillside. Vagamon consists of a wide range of standard hotels and residencies at affordable prices for foreigners as well as local travellers.

Also, there are restaurants where you can enjoy the hot and spicy South Indian dishes. Most of the South Indian dishes are similar to Sri Lankan food. But the aroma and the taste is amazing, unlike any other. Travelling to Vagamon will open a wide range of experiences far beyond your imagination.

The pine forest is one of the attractive places in Vagamon, which exudes a compelling charisma. It has earned a reputation for being the most iconic place in the area, frequently subjected to film and photo shooting.

You may come across a mobile studio in the pine forest, which helps tourists to capture the most beautiful memories.

In the early morning when the cool breeze and the mist embrace the pine forest, it makes you feel as if a part of the sky has fallen. The meadows become a fairyland when the fog engulfs it at dawn. Kerala is the land you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

The serene ambiance, cascading waterfalls, mind-blowing steeps, and the cool fresh aura are indeed beyond one’s imagination.

Take a break from the hectic lifestyle, and let every note of your life sing.

It is worthwhile spending time on a much-needed vacation and break the pattern of your routine to be tucked away among the hills to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Stress buster

Travelling is a stress buster recommended by experts. Nature has its power to interconnect with every living being, those who wholeheartedly adore it.

The simplest forms of pleasure in life could be found among the endless ravines where rivulets meander. Enchanting is the earth that is unseen and untouched by humans.

Seattle has declared that every place on earth is holy and is precious more than a treasure, which every human being is entitled to protect for his survival on planet earth. As humans, we have forgotten to see ourselves as a part of nature, and that is why we should pause from the rat race and inhale the beauty of nature.