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The Land of Dragons

22 November, 2020

The ‘Land of Dragons’ holds its fame for pursuing the spiritual pleasures of life through cultivation and artistic values. The prospects of living were beyond the ordinary in ancient China as it opened its gates to an entirely different dimension. The colossal palaces, temples, and ancient cities all over China manifest the many kinds of influence of rulers from various dynasties. However, agriculture continued over thousands of years.

Farming survived through all catastrophes in combination with the lives of people. Today, rural areas in China are being cultivated with various crops and afforestation is taking place. The educated young generation is slowly detaching from urban lifestyles in industrial cities in China as they have comprehended how countryside livelihood is healthy in every aspect. With the skills and knowledge inherited from ancestors and parents, youth have taken agriculture to the next level, through technology.

Apart from agriculture, Chinese pottery, handcrafts, weaving, architecture, medicine, culinary, pottery industry, martial arts, Chinese literature, calligraphy, and many other fields are being brought back to life by the older and younger generation.

The countryside lifestyles are spiritually healing and create less complexity in every aspect. In other words, the humane qualities of the countryside people are high. While living in expanded families, they have learned how to live a peaceful life being gentle and loving towards every creature in their presence.


Humane qualities such as love, care, and respect for the adults effortlessly outpour. The unity among every villager is revealed, especially during farming seasons. The spiritual pleasures enjoyed by these people is far superior to the urge for a materialistic lifestyle. Life does not seem to be a struggle as they cherish every single day to be purposeful and grateful.

The inter-relationship between the countryside people and nature is a tight knot. It is wonderful how nature takes care of their basic needs and stands as the provider of their daily meal. In return, they make sure nature is treated right and conserved by them. The Chinese conical cap is the best example of how the countryside people have been making use of every tree and every plant in purposeful ways.

If you peep into a kitchen, pots and kitchen utensils are all made up of environment-friendly materials. The village kitchen never runs out of storage. Safely collected harvest is piled up in preparation for the lean seasons coming up. The preserved food hanging in corners of the kitchen and the ones placed in giant pots demonstrate the food preservation techniques adopted by the Chinese and their sharpened culinary skills.

Countryside forest

Walking through the countryside forest is a mesmerizing experience as to how it is looked after by the villages. Besides the wilderness, it is full of fruit trees. Varieties of berries, nuts, mangoes, plums, pears, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, edible flowers, yams, and medicinal plants are just a few tasty encounters in the forest.

Continuous afforestation and protecting the green cover evenly nourishes all the living beings. As a result, annual cultivation never misses the rains at the right times, and the rivers which quench the thirst never disappear. It is the heavenly part of the earth where countryside dwellers live. Even nature cherishes their existence since their departure never leaves their mark behind.