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NDB Credit Cards take Black Friday Shopping to the next Level

29 November, 2020

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season, is one of the most important days in the calendar of a shopaholic. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the usual stampede-worthy shopping spree is near impossible. NDB Cards has thus introduced an alternate method.

Since there have been many changes in the way we handle cash when making purchases both due to the digital revolution and the COVID 19 pandemic, limiting the use of cash and using credit or debit cards to make purchases is often encouraged. These methods apply to Black Friday shopping as well.

Meanwhile, NDB also partnered with Wasi.lk and Urban Go for a 20% discount, LoveTuBuy.lk and koththamalli.lk for a 15% discount and up to 40% discounts from Turret, GMT and Urban Trends along with up to 25% discounts from Dinapala.

Customers enjoyed discounts up to 40% from food to household items to fuel from their credit or debit cards throughout the month of November.

NDB also assigned a special theme for each day, providing special offers in line with the respective theme. For instance, Monday is known as “Cyber Monday” with the following offers: PickMe (PickMe Market) - Rs.200 off on total bill, Laugfs GAS - FREE refill or 40% off for 12.5kg new gas cylinders, 45% savings on 5kg new gas cylinders or FREE delivery for refills with 0% installment plans up to three months (for new cylinder purchases).

Similarly, Tuesday was dubbed as “Tasty Tuesday” followed by “Health is Wealth Wednesday”, “Pumping Thursday”, “Chilling Friday”, “All Essential Saturday”, “Sunday Funday”.