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The truth about cannabis

29 November, 2020

Cannabis legalization is one of the most talked-about issues in society today. That is another aspect that needs to be addressed with the Covid-19 pandemic.

When it comes to legalising marijuana (cannabis), there are many opinions. I am writing about this on behalf of the majority of people who have no clear idea whether it is really ‘legal’ to legalise cannabis. When we talk about cannabis use, we need to talk about it scientifically as well as socially.

People who use marijuana can develop a variety of infections, each of which can have short-term or long-term effects. This drug directly affects the brain. Therefore, it impairs the ability to make decisions, affects memory and blood circulation.

My first question is whether the use of marijuana should be legally permitted if it has such bad effects. The person using marijuana is not a healthy person and will have to face many problems.

How can the economy be strengthened by having such people? Cannabis promoters try to hide the physical and mental health effects of cannabis. But for users, it can lead to hidden illnesses or exacerbations of existing diseases.

It is important to develop the country. However, the accepted values of a country should not be completely discarded in the process as a country can develop only under a healthy creative thinking. But the cannabis or cannabis business is about snatching away the energy in the country.

Valuable asset

Young people are constantly on the lookout for new things. Although the country should take steps to utilize such people effectively, the country will lose that energy by continuing to feed high-profit businesses such as cannabis and tobacco. In some countries it is permitted to be used as a medicine and for recreational purposes. But in countries like Canada, less than 2% use cannabis as medicine. Everyone else uses marijuana for entertainment.

This is the most valuable asset a country can lose. Cannabis is legalized in Ayurvedic medicine and anyone can take it on medical advice if they have a particular disease. But despite such a fair environment and legal framework, it is clear that cannabis promoters are trying to legalize the drug not because of its pharmacological properties, but because they want to poison people or increase the financial power of the promoters. Another important point is that we humans always try to live as a team and communicate with each other. It is normal human behaviour.

But people who use cannabis exhibit various unnatural behavioral patterns that affect not only their body but also their communication system. People with unnatural behaviour may be excluded from society and may not be conscious at the time due to their intoxication. When this happens over a long period of time, not only does he or she feel lonely, but loneliness is likely to lead to suicide.

Cannabis or Weed is a drug. The development of such a drug to the point where it is used by more and more people in society becomes a great detriment to our physical and mental health as individuals. Because we are constantly striving to achieve the goals we dream of. In order to achieve our goals, we have to be happy and relaxed. But people who are addicted to drugs like this accept the drugs they use as their happiness.

But no drug can enhance enjoyment or provide happiness and spiritual healing. It is the environment in which they are at that moment that causes those thoughts to arise. For example, a boy in the village behaves differently than a boy who goes to a club in the city and drinks alcohol. They both drink arrack, but the behaviour is different. It’s because of the environment, the friends, and the person’s behaviour and ideas.

Emergence of criminals

Cannabis has been legalized in various parts of the world, including Canada, Mexico and the United States. Various criminal gangs can be found in countries where cannabis is legalized, obtaining cannabis for money and selling it illegally at exorbitant prices. In addition, some criminals live in cities in those countries and commit heinous crimes.

For example, the legalization of cannabis has led to the emergence of criminals in countries such as Britain, Spain, Spain and Poland. Through such things, the social structure breaks down and therefore, society itself deteriorates. So, Should such a drug be legalized in our country? Can a person who inherits a natural spine from birth be allowed a drug to control himself? Remember that this is something to think about carefully and intelligently.