Hayleys Fabric launches organic, eco-friendly fabrics | Sunday Observer

Hayleys Fabric launches organic, eco-friendly fabrics

3 January, 2021

Hayleys Fabric PLC, has launched a new line of organic, eco-friendly fabrics manufactured using environmentally sustainable processes, in line with the Sustainability Development Goals set out by the United Nations. 

Using natural tea dye produced from waste tea provided by Hayleys Plantations, together with anti-bacterial and anti-viral neem and thulasi (commonly known as Holy Basil or Ocimumtenuiflorum) treatment, Hayleys Fabric now produces a range of fabrics which offers the wearer a comfortable garment that is produced under ecologically friendly conditions and is safely biodegradable at the end of its life cycle. 

The tea dye has been tested to ensure it is on par with internationally accepted standards, and is totally free of hazardous chemicals, making it safer for the wearer, environment and for those involved in the manufacturing process.   The company also uses other natural dyes, derived from pomegranate (Punicagranatum), mulberry (Morusalba), Mexican marigold (Tageteserecta) and black cutch (Acacia catechu). Additionally, Hayleys Fabric is also working with other natural dye suppliers in order to further develop its range of environmentally-friendly products for the market, according to Leonie Vass who leads this initiative within the INNO team.  

Hayleys Fabric PLC has started leading the industry through fabric innovation and by adding value to customers, set upthe first fabric mill in Sri Lanka launching its own brand “INNO”. The brand was launched through the company’s innovation centre, to provide functional, fashionable and value added fabric to the current market.