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MAS monitors situation at Panadura facility

3 January, 2021

As the number of Covid-19 cases in the Western Province continues to increase, the management of MAS is closely monitoring the situation at its manufacturing facility, Unichela in Panadura. As of date, due to contact tracing and testing activity, 85 Covid-19 positive patients have been found among employees of the plant.

The initial detection occurred when an employee with fever was stopped at the plant entrance and was redirected to a local hospital and later confirmed as Covid-19 positive. Contact tracing and testing over the next few days resulted in 85 cases. 1,123 PCR tests were conducted, and no further results are pending.

The management temporarily stopped employees in the affected shift from coming to the plant from December 15 as an added precaution.

“MAS co-operates with the local health authorities, conforms to their recommendations and any required information is provided in a transparent manner,” a spokesman for the company said.