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Solid Homes & Constructions provides a host of services

3 January, 2021

Solid Homes & Constructions (Pvt) Ltd could be introduced as a construction company that has gained attraction in the contemporary housing construction sphere, providing a host of services for you, who are endeavouring immeasurably to build your dream home.

This organization, that has completed over 40 construction projects of houses and business premises island-wide within a period of five years properly identifying the requirements of its clients, is dedicated to complete your construction project within a very short time, adding proper value to your money. The specialty of Solid Homes & Constructions (Pvt) Ltd is that it comes forward to give you all the assistance necessary to build your dream home. Before starting the construction work you have planned, you will be facilitated to observe your proposed-to-be-constructed house along with the interior plan of the house through 3D technology.The specialty of this organization, which has created a space for you to complete the task of constructing your house under the highest knowledge of a staff of specialists in electrical, plumbing and interior designing work, is that it is giving a guarantee of 25 years for the completed construction.

The complete construction task is carried out according to the agreement between you and the organization centered on the construction task and the organization is bound to complete the construction task on that agreement adhering to standards under any conditions. This organization that has won the trust of busy professionals employed overseas.

The proprietors of Solid Homes & Constructions (Pvt) Ltd, Kavindu Thennekoon and Lakshan Millawana stated, “We were directed to launch a business enterprise in the construction sphere with the basic objective of providing solutions to several problems in this sphere. We are happy that we were able to do that change during the past five years.

“As a construction organization, it is a great victory we have achieved in gaining the trust of our clients through completing every construction task in the minimum time and adhering to standards. Our basic objective is providing our client with a complete service.

“As an organization, our underlying objective is uplifting the lifestyle of the client through the integration of the quality and the modernity of our services to supply his requirement.

Our success today is due to a large number of clients in all areas of the island being gathered around us. Our objective is fulfilling the expectations of them, and those who expect to join us, within the highest standards,” they said.