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Are you lost in virtual cosmos?

3 January, 2021

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and many other social media platforms actively and passively deal with our present lifestyle. The gap between us and the global village has disappeared, thanks to social media platforms that exist in cyberspace. The pandemic health guidelines that insist on maintaining social distance has highlighted the necessity of virtual platforms. The advancement of cyberspace has enabled the economy, education, and the flow of public life to return to normalcy with minimal interruption.

Social media platforms vs. unlimited opportunities

Social media platforms come with a package of unlimited virtual opportunities. Unlike any other era, the pandemic lockdown compelled us to utilize the maximum facilities available in cyberspace to continue the abrupt pause in education, trade, and the global economy.

Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Google, Whatsapp, Reddit, Linkedin, Twitter, and Microsoft dominated cyberspace over the past year and still do. As the lockdown period provided more leisure time it made some of us binge on social media limitlessly.

While some converted that opportunity to improve productivity and competence, a rising rate in the misuse of social media platforms became evident.

Limitless obsession in cyberspace

The activities on social media platforms rose higher than the usual levels during the lockdown period. Besides the productivity-based career and education oriented work, numerous other trends were popping up on the same platforms. Most of the activities had a negative effect not only on the person involved but also on the viewer.

Prioritising social media

There are several areas that need to be prioritised on social media. However, using all your time and energy to binge on these platforms would be a crime, as it could distract you from reality. The obsession of social media could have a negative influence on one’s private life.

Today, a common issue faced by most families is lack of communication and interaction with each other. This is a growing concern in every community.

It could intensify family problems, leading to complicated situations such as separation and divorce.

As adults, we have a big responsibility for the future of our children. Love, peace, unity, attention, communication, and corporation are the fundamental elements of a family. Therefore think twice before damaging your family bonds with compulsions over the smart device.

Harsh reality behind virtual life

Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook are some of the most popular social media applications used around the world. Apart from marketing and commercial purposes, they have earned the title of being the best entertaining platforms.

The user-friendliness, entertaining features, and freedom of expression in these applications attract thousands of users every day.

However, extreme addiction to such platforms has impacted negatively on our lifestyles. It is a pity that people seek attention through excessive and unnecessary posting on their private life merely for recognition, attention, popularity, and reaction from the public. Such people live in the cage of virtual reality where they become even more distant from sanity.

The dark side of cyberspace

Constant postings on social media about what’s going on in your life could be harmful and risky, because some take advantage of the information you provide via social media.

As a result, there are many cases reported around the world where people are faced with burglary, abuse, blackmail, etc. Too much publication of personal information on social media can be threatening as anyone could get to know all about you by just scrolling through your news feed.

Be wise in cyberspace!

There are invisible loopholes in cyberspace where you need to be careful and aware. As technology is just one fingertip away from us, we need to be more alert on the pros and cons of it. Make sure to preserve your privacy in the public virtual platform that you use.

Think twice before posting amazing pictures from your vacation while being in it as everybody could track you or get to know that you are away from home.

Be aware of the community standards when expressing your opinions. Most importantly, make sure that you are not addicted or caught by the unrealistic misleading baits on the internet that could make you and your smart device inseparable.