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Rugby in a quandary as Ministry goes slow

3 January, 2021
Rizly Illyas
Rizly Illyas

Several sports associations including Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) say they are totally confused and left high and dry not knowing how and where to start on-field activities as communication links have broken down between them and the Sports Ministry.

“We have given them (Ministry) everything they have asked for but nothing is happening, it is only a drama that is being played out,” said Sri Lanka Rugby president Rizly Illyas. “Not only us but many sport associations are stuck and bogged down in this scenario”.

Rugby is the only major sport in the country that has been completely suppressed and not a single player has been able to compete even behind closed doors out on the field while cricket, football and athletes have had their day. Illyas said that SLR has also being pushed to the wall and let down by their sponsor Dialog who have paid them just Rs.26 million from an agreed Rs.85 million part of which has been channelled towards Sports Ministry activities.

The story has been the same with officials running schools rugby who have made several unsuccessful attempts to present their case to the Sports Ministry for a re-commencement of the season.