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Against the Rise of a Flacon Nest

3 January, 2021

The world has become a strange entropy.

Besieged by concomitant pandemonium.

Fraught with an age -old unsettled rivalry,

Auguring to ruffle a revengeful imperium.

Fractured ideologies mothballed for years,

Bespeak the minds of untutored curiosity,

Whose rootless agonies often catch fire as,

Their veins are immune to public ignominy.

Ardent followers funding a survival project,

Escorting their equals to a colonial fantasy.

Sinking the ailing dreams of the commoner,

In the ferine hands of their master vigilante.

Power is like a mysteriously revived potion.

Gulped by the less read lured into its fluids.

Rises the sombre enemy of Platonic verses,

That goes beyond the spells of Celtic druids.

An agent of chaos rises from a sainted voice,

Courtly announcingits zeal over blasphemy,

To ease the rouge feathers of a duped toiler,

Vows to rewrite aforgone utopian history.

“Youth should harken to the raging frontline!”

Advice the ones who booby-trapped its entry.

While locating the sight of a furious carbine,

Ambushed the youth by the hordes of mystery.

Yet, a dismal trooper of this justified warfare,

While stalked by his nocturnal counterparts,

Ignites his ill temper lied dormant in despair,

To forge a sword in the fires of a wrecked ark.

Pasan Athapaththu

Faculty of Humanities

University of Kelaniya