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Peace of mind

3 January, 2021
Soul – pure’ birth place
Of peace
Solely keeps physic  and  psyche
In peace
A lean peace is –superior
Than a fat case
Souls all be respected
Innocence is what
Is sought after
One should live 
And pave the way 
For others to live
No weapon is mighty
Than grace and mercy
The dead are opening
The eyes of those living
Worst enemy 
and Best friend 
Are within you
Sports and travelling
Friendliness – and
Numerous races
Unite to form human race
Like streams
Form seas
For a mind peaceful
Everything is delightful
What hurts us
Hurt others
One conquers soul – is
The bravest warrior of all
Ties of brotherhood
Is timely required
We’re human family
Beloved sons and daughters
Our beloved 
Father Aadam and beloved 
Mother Hawwa
Allah’s fear – Is 
Base for behaviour 
If the world is to attain
Peace of mind
It has to leave-out its sins 
Is my modest opine
– Fahim Latiff