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Resolutions for the New Year

3 January, 2021

Two-thousand-and-twenty-one is a brand new year for everyone to give a fresh start to enact resolutions. The New Year is exceptional due to many reasons. The pandemic has altered the rhythm of the world. In the same way, life patterns were too influenced and amended. Therefore, there are several criteria that we should take into consideration in making resolutions for the year 2021.

Health is wealth

Health is above all the various types of wealth in the world. Health is the basis of life and existence. A balanced state of mind and physique is fundamental for a healthy life. Despite our attempt to stay healthy, external conditions are hardly aligned with our endeavours. The current state of human health is being reversed and threatened across the globe due to Coronavirus mutations. That is why we are concerned over maintaining sound health and have it on the top of the list of resolutions for 2021.

It is vital to be alert about the updates on the virus. Our existence relies on our strong immunity. Maintenance of personal hygiene and constant disinfection of surroundings should top our resolution list for 2021. Even if the number of Covid-19 cases drop, we cannot behave irresponsibly flouting health guidelines. Make sure to wear a quality mask, disinfect your hands and also maintain social distancing. The wellness of your health is the main factor to decide your ability to achieve the goals you plan to attain this year.

Financial stability and career development

If you are an adult, it is mandatory to have resolutions about career enhancement and finance. Financial security is a shield that helps us during troubled times. We need to recall the economic tragedies that happened last year. The rapid decline of the economy has affected the careers of people worldwide. Therefore, our New Year resolutions must include not only plans but also back-up plans, which will secure our financial status.

Saving money by cutting unnecessary expenses should be compulsory as we do not know what the future holds for us. It would help us to cover medical costs in an emergency and sudden expenses without seeking refuge in loans. Having additional modes of income helps one to be more self-reliant. Self-employment and freelancing are some of the most popular income pathways which provide the freedom to work from home. Blogging, online tutoring, e-commerce are also trending subjects on social media platforms that many have chosen, to become self-reliant.

Skills development

Your new year resolutions should also have space for skills development. As a large number of people work from home, there is plenty of time for extra activities, which helps to sharpen one’s abilities.

Updating knowledge on the subject areas that we are working on is now mandatory as the pandemic has altered the world economy. Keeping in touch with global trends is vital to move towards success and expand the scope of our career while on the right track. Therefore, depending on our passions and ambitions, we must prepare a plan that will take us to the desired destinations. A customised vision would help to further align our targets.

Stepping out of the comfort zone

Confronting our fears and stepping out of our comfort zone should be an important addition to our new year resolutions list. Failing to give up comfort zones is one of the main reasons why some people end every year without accomplishing any of their goals.

For many people, the area that lies outside the comfort zone is full of risk and horror. But in reality, there is nothing scary in embracing the risks and challenges. List down and work on the activities that open up a world of opportunities and at the same time scare and confront our comfort zone.

Celebrate success

Success relies on working smart while being absorbed in the process of accomplishing resolutions. We must never let anything push us down on our journey. Let dedication, sacrifice, and immense contribution create the ladder of triumph. If we ever come across failure, let us remind ourselves that it is just another way to try it out differently.