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Star of Bethlehem

3 January, 2021

This Christmas becomes a kairos season as heaven and earth are called to witness Emmanuel - God with us!

Planetary Conjunction

There is much speculation, this year, in the world of astronomy as Jupiter and Saturn come in alignment and which is known as a planetary conjecture. As these heavenly bodies cross each other, many are wondering whether the star of Bethlehem is making a comeback this year.

Scientists say this is a rare occurrence which is happening after nearly 800 years. The Bible says, it is God who placed these heavenly bodies in the galaxies. So, as this planetary conjunction happens during our life time in the night skies this year, we can be certain that heaven is trying to communicate a message with all of us, through this astonishing celestial event.

The bright star of Bethlehem, as captured in the Gospel of Mathew, directed the Wise Men from different corners of the world to come and worship Jesus – the Light of this World in a little town called Bethlehem. The amazing thing about this phenomenon is that the star of Bethlehem kept moving and the Wise Men kept following until it led them to the house where Jesus was.

A set apart year

2020 has been a set apart year for all of us with lockdowns, self quarantines, working from home, studying from home and many other new life changing events and trends. It looks like God has cleared the calendar and set this year apart for us to seek His face. The Bible says, it is God who appoints times and seasons. (Genesis 1:14)

All these show that 2020 has the marking of a kairos year, a season where God visits the earth and His people. It appears even the heavenly bodies are coming in alignment just to communicate this message to all of us.

Emmanuel - God with us

It looks like heaven is sounding a shofar for us to worship the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace, the Joy to the World in our respective homes, if we are to survive these trying days. God seems to be reminding us that He alone is our source of survival and sustenance.

Like the wise men of old, as we look up and follow the Star of Bethlehem, God will help us to find peace, joy, health and comfort in the person of Jesus Christ this Christmas season.

In the same manner, the sSar of Bethlehem stood over where Jesus was, as we gaze at the Christmas skies to get a glimpse of this celestial wonder, let it remindus that the Christmas Star has come in search of us during these tough times.

It has come to stay over our homes, our cities and our countries. This is a symbolic display where God is calling heaven and earth to witness His Covenant that He has indeed found a resting place in mankind.

He has promised never to leave nor forsake us. He is Emmanuel - God with us, in us and for us!