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MAS pays close attention to manufacturing facilities

10 January, 2021

As the number of Covid-19 infections is increasing across the island, the management of MAS is paying  close attention to its manufacturing facilities that have detected a number of employees with the  virus.

Each of these facilities works closely with regional Medical Officers and Health and  Public Health Inspectors to monitor the situation at the plants and in their communities.  Stringent preventative measures recommended by the authorities have been adhered to as an  ongoing policy, a company spokesman said.  

Unless otherwise directed by the PHI, infected employees and any other infected family  members are admitted to the MAS Covid-19 Care Centre in Giriulla, managed by the Ministry  of Health.  

• Linea Aqua - Hanwella  

 Based on contact tracing and testing that was conducted, 154 employees have tested positive  for Covid-19 since December 31. Following the advice of local authorities, the  facility was closed from January 1-6, as a precautionary measure and  re-opened with a limited number of employees on-site. Continuous contact tracing and follow  up testing will take place along with sanitising the facility as an ongoing preventative measure.  

• Unichela - Panadura  

The plant re-commenced operations on December 28 after a brief closure, adhering to the  re-opening procedure advised by the health authorities. During the past week, 35 more employees  were detected with the virus, bringing the total infected at the plant to 120, of which 60  employees have since recovered and discharged from their respective care centres.  

• Thurulie – Thulhiriya 

 As a result of ongoing random testing, 123 employees have tested positive as at date and over  900 close contacts of the infected employees have been placed in self-quarantine. The plant  has ceased operations for the shift that was impacted between December 23 and January 4.

However, the plant continues to operate with those employees who are cleared to  come into work by the authorities and the management. Ongoing testing is being conducted  to identify any further infections and the mandated preventive measures are being adhered to  diligently. All employees affected were transferred to the MAS Care Centre in Giriulla and as of  date, seven people have been discharged. 

• Countourline – Pallakelle  

Forty-nine of our associates have tested positive during testing conducted last week, resulting in the  closure of the plant on January 4. All these individuals have been transferred to the  Care Centre. Health and Safety protocols have been strictly adhered to at all times at the plant,  which has enabled staff members to clearly identify those who had contracted the virus. 

All contacts have been asked to self-quarantine and the plant continues to operate based on  the directives of the government and local health authorities.

MAS has also taken measures to  take care of our associates and provide them with the necessary facilities during this time in  quarantine. Further testing is ongoing based on the analysis and recommendations of the PHI,  MOH and the Epidemiology Unit.  

“Several of our other facilities in Sri Lanka have also recorded a handful of cases  among their associates and continue following protocols to trace, test and isolate where  needed. At all times and at all our facilities, the health and care of our associates is our primary  concern. MAS is actively cooperating with the local health authorities, while conforming to their recommendations and assists in providing information in a transparent manner,” he said.