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A favourite moment

10 January, 2021

For some children, a favourite moment can be the time they went to the airport or the moment they saw a celebrity. Well, those are just random moments. My favourite moment is the time my dad comes home. I know that some children would laugh, but it’s true. And by the way, my dad is a businessman.

He always leaves early in the morning before I wake up, and I miss him the whole day and especially, when he goes abroad. Well, there is nothing special when he comes home.

I celebrate and then I do my own work well. As for my mom, I will never miss her. She’s a housewife, and there’s no way she’s getting out of the house. As I told you my most favourite moment is when my dad comes home. But sometimes he comes late. Not because he doesn’t love me, he can even sacrifice his life to me. It’s because he is busy. But I don’t care, what time he comes or even when he comes, I will always be his little flower.

M.M. Hasangi Imansa
Grade 7,
St. Mary's Convent,