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My school

10 January, 2021

My school is in Kandy along the Peradeniya Street. It is an International school. The name of my school is Bright International School. My school is famous in Kandy.

In our school, an efficient Principal renders great service. He shows a great interest in the development of education in our school. He offers suggestions and gives instructions to both teachers and students. He goes round every class and inspects whether the students study well. He speaks to teachers and students and sees to their needs..

There are twenty teachers in our school imparting knowledge. Some of them teach English, some teach Tamil and others teach Sinhala. English is the medium of instruction. Our teachers give us good advice and guidance.

Our school is a mixed school with around one hundred students. They study well and obtain high marks at examinations. Hence, teachers treat us as clever students and encourage us. Our students do very well not only in education but also in sports.

Therefore, since the education is good in our school new students seek admission annually. We thank our teachers for guiding us and moulding our characters.

We love our school .

Shamna Rafaideen,
Grade 10,
Bright International School,