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Tributes will pour in for the Master Guru of Royal

10 January, 2021

Master Weerasingham, Tiddy Wijeratne (partially hidden) and Beryl Dias Abeysinghe in line to light the Oil Lamp at the 70th Independence  Day celebration in 2018. Don Abey had been called to rest by then. Lighting the Lamp is former Sri Lanka Cricket secretary S. Skandakumar who served as the High Commissioner in Canberra

The new year greetings of hope for 2021 were marred by the news that ‘Master’ Weerasingham, an English teacher of excellent repute at Royal College who subsequently settled in Canberra, Australia had passed away at age 92.

Tiddy Wijeratne, Don Abey, Beryl Dias Abeysinghe (widow of a former High Commissioner ) and Master as he was fondly referred to were the Canberra senior seniors who graced all our Mission functions regularly despite being handicapped by mobility issues that are normal for those beyond four score and ten.

They graciously lit the Lamp to celebrate events and their blessings stayed with us throughout the year.

Don Abey, a mountain of knowledge, Tiddy a cricket connoisseur and gentleman player in his time and Beryl, gracious and elegant right up to to her 99th bday, have all passed on to the heavens above and with Master joining them, our community in Canberra will bid farewell to yet another of its much respected elders.

To me Master was more than a teacher. A very dear friend whose deep affection was shared mutually to the extent that we spoke on the phone almost every weekend after my return home in May 2019.

He was compassionate as he was wise and a meal at his home was always a joy because he insisted on cooking for his guests. On such evenings the Master Teacher not only excelled as a Master Chef but was also the perfect host to his guests ranging from grateful students to prominent members of the community.

His dedicated physician Dr Sivakumaran was often a special guest.

Rest in Peace Dear Master. You have more than fulfilled your purpose on Earth and your legendary legacy as a teacher, counsellor and a deeply caring friend will I am certain live on in Canberra and in the hearts of all who knew you. Needless to say there will be his students the world over who will be paying their respects in an appropriate way to a Guru they loved and respected very much.

A final word of appreciation for his daughter Sulochana and son in law Saravanan for their unconditional love and care of Master at their home even though they had the option of placing him in elders care in his final challenging years. Bless them both.

Although a familiar weekend voice has been stilled for me, the happy memories will remain.