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Feted for eighth consecutive year

Ceylinco Insurance ranked sixth in Business Today’s Top 30

17 January, 2021

Ceylinco Insurance PLC, the holding company of the insurance giants, Ceylinco General Insurance and Ceylinco Life Insurance was ranked sixth in the Roll of Honour among the ‘Business Today Top 30’ companies in Sri Lanka, for the eighth consecutive year,

Ceylinco Insurance retained its 6th position for the second year as an outstanding player in the corporate sector.

Executive Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Ceylinco Insurance PLC, Ajith Gunawardena said, “Financial Year 2020 was one of the most challenging for the corporate sector - not merely in Sri Lanka but the world over. Organisations that face these challenges fearlessly with re-aligned strategies will perform well. The corporate sector in Sri Lanka has weathered many storms and shown great resilience. We are humbled by the fact that once again we are ranked at No. 6 amongst the distinguished top 30 companies in Sri Lanka.

“Ceylinco Insurance PLC has demonstrated great resilience, surmounting every challenge with sustainable strategies. I would like to express my gratitude to our loyal customers for placing their trust and belief in us through the most difficult times.

It is their loyalty and confidence that motivates us to reach higher, as we make every effort to serve them beyond their expectations.

I wish to dedicate this recognition to our valued customers, our staff and my fellow directors for enabling us to reach another milestone in our vibrant journey,” he said.

Deputy Chairman of Ceylinco Insurance PLC and Ceylinco Life Chairman, R. Renganathan said, “A company’s true mettle is tested in times of adversity.

Ceylinco Life’s performance in 2020 is an excellent demonstration of this. Our ability to adapt to the demands of the ‘new normal’ to not only fulfil our obligations to our customers and stakeholders but to grow the business in a period of uncertainty and disruption, more than justifies our presence among the top 10 of Sri Lanka’s leading corporate entities. Ceylinco Life also fulfilled all its community-related commitments in 2020, while continuing with its program of policyholder rewards, despite the challenges of the year.”

Ceylinco General Insurance and Ceylinco Life Insurance remained far ahead of competition in 2019 as well as in 2020. Ceylinco General and Ceylinco Life also enjoyed the privilege of being voted the ‘People’s Insurance Company’ for the 14th consecutive year.

This award reiterates the high regard with which both companies are viewed by the general public for its continuous contribution towards enhancing the socio-economic development of Sri Lanka. In a survey carried out among the service providers over 12 weeks by LMD magazine, Ceylinco General Insurance had the honour of being the most popular insurer in Service Excellence.