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The day my dream came true

17 January, 2021

When I was six-years-old I worried my parents to buy a dog for me. They bought me a Dachshund.

Then we went to Kalutara because my father was transferred to Kalutara. I went there because I refused to live without my father’s love. I had to give away my dog, as we had to stay in a small apartment without a garden. After a few years, I wanted to have another dog. Now, I am in Grade 8. I started to trouble my parents again to have a dog. My mother didn’t like the idea saying that they smell.

I don’t know about that, but dogs are not smelly to me. Then, I came to an agreement with my farther that if I got good marks, above 80, for my main subjects then I can have a good dog as I wish. I studied without thinking about time and I scored well at the examination.

After a few weeks we went to find a dog for me. Then I found a Labradho pup. I was so happy. He was only one month old and was so sweet and so chubby. I named him Rover.

I took him home with me. We slept in the same room on the same bed. He had milk and Pedigree brand food sitting on my table while I had milk and cornflakes at the same table. We played a lot and I bathed him. I trained him to be obedient. We had lot of fun. Even today, I am having fun with my Rover. Now, he is seven months old and is a tall and strong pup.

The reason I wrote this essay was to share the infinite happiness and true love I received through my pet dog Rover. I enjoy every day with him.


Thevindu Wijaya Sri,

Grade 8,

Ananda College,

Colombo 10.