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A fantastic day

17 January, 2021

As picnic lovers, all my family members love picnics. One day, Dad told us about a great idea which was going on a picnic to the countryside!. I really felt happy. At last, the day came and we started our awesome outing on a breezy morning.

White clouds were floating in the blue sky. Dad's favourite song "Country roads- take me home…" played on the radio while I was listening to the rhythm of the nature. Nature was calling us to enjoy its beauty. My eyes took in the beauty of the countryside as I enjoyed the sound of silence of nature.

I stepped out of the car to see the breath-taking beauty of the cascade. It is impossible for someone who had visited it once to erase its image from the mind. Our lunch was superb. Sitting on the green carpet of grass having lunch was a marvellous experience for me. Dad played the guitar while we sang. At that moment, I felt like I was communicating with the soul of nature.

That fantastic outing was the perfect picnic, I have ever joined.


R.M. Laksara Rathnayake,

Grade 10 C,

Holy Family Balika,