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I had to be brave

17 January, 2021

I had to be brave because, I got lost in a dense jungle. At first I was walking through a mysterious passage, next, I realised that I was lost in the woods. It was gloomy and dark as I was walking further. Animals screeching and leaves rustling made me feel a little scared.

As I kept walking I told myself, “Ok, keep calm Vidu, you will find your way home.” I roamed through the forest but couldn’t find the correct way back home. Soon, the birds chirping and their melodious singing made me feel a bit better. Rays of sunlight began to appear through the trees. Suddenly, I had a warm feeling that home was not far away.

The lush, green leaves were rustling when the breeze blew through gently. Birds were flying and merrily singing songs.

At last, I saw a glimpse of my glorious village. I ran to it as fast as I could with an everlasting joy. I realised that was the worst and bravest thing I ever had to face in my life.


W.K.Vidu Sanuthi,

Grade 7 E,

Telford International School,