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My favourite book

17 January, 2021

My hobby is reading and it is not surprising that I like many books. But I have some favourite books. Among the fairytales, my favourite book is The Fairytale Forest. It is from the Secret Kingdom series 2 when a wicked and horrible Queen, Malice, tries to stop Ellie, Summer and Jasmine finding the six magic ingredients they need to make the magic counter - potion to stop King Merry turning into a stink toad.

The King had eaten a marshmallow cake with a potion inside that Queen Malice tricked him to eat, and now was turning into a stink toad. Queen Malice planned to take over the kingdom when the transformation was complete. The King must drink the counter – potion before the Summer Ball which is in a few weeks. They have to get a book bud this time. It is amazing how they get a book bud.

Among the non-fiction books, my favourite is the First Geography Encyclopedia. The facts in the book are easy to understand and there are many experiments to try out. There are also a lot of crafts and it is made for kids. Both of these books are very interesting and I like them very much. Reading is amazing, fun and helps us learn.

Sneha Deshnie Manatunga, 
Grade 5E,
Horizon College International,