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Verbs followed by prepositions

17 January, 2021

Grapple (with)
The government is grappling with the problem of unemployment.
I saw two men grappling with a security guard.
Grasp (at)
When his foot slipped he grasped at the branch of a tree.
Grieve (at, over)
King George V had been grieved at the outbreak of the Great War.
Jack grieved over the death of his friend.
Grind (to, into)
The lenses are ground to a high standard of precision.
He dropped a cigarette butt and ground it into the carpet with his heel. When curfew was declared traffic ground to a halt.
Grow (apart, into, up)
The couple had been growing apart for two years.
Sandy grew into a lovely young woman.
I grew up in a remote village.
Grumble (about)
Farmers are always grumbling about the weather.
Guard (against, from)
There was no one to guard the house against attack. The Lord will guard you from all dangers.
Hand (to, around, back, down, in, at, over)
This form should be handed to all the workers.
I helped him to hand the mugs around.
She handed me my pen back.
The gold chain was handed down to her from her grandmother.
Mary handed in her letter of resignation.
He was handing out leaflets to members of the club.
She handed the phone over to me.
Hang (about, around, on)
We have no time to hang about.
I hung around the railway station
for one hour but she never turned up.
He hung onto the side of the boat when it capsized.
Hang on! I’ll be back in a minute.
Happen (to)
I happened to see Jim in town.
Have (out)
I’m going to have it out with him.
Hear (of, from)
I’ve heard of a job which could be just right for you.
I’ve never heard of such a person.
Police want to hear from anyone who has any information about the murder.
Hedge (in, against)
The building was hedged in by trees.
Smart managers will hedge against price increase.
Help (to, along, out)
Help yourself to some cake.
She asked a few questions to help the conversation along.
Do you need anyone to help out in the shop?
Hem (in)
We were hemmed in on all sides by the dogs.
Hide (from, under)
Bill was accused of trying to hide evidence from the police.
Go and hide under the bed!