SLC continues to infringe on media rights | Sunday Observer

SLC continues to infringe on media rights

17 January, 2021

A deafening silence by the powers that be hangs over the suppression of media rights by Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) which has made an unprecedented blockade of independent coverage of the ICC Test championship series between England and Sri Lanka in Galle.

Sri Lanka Cricket has so far not being able to justify infringing on the rights of the free media as the first Test between England and Sri Lanka got underway on Thursday and its media section sent in pictures of the action to the media which most editors saw as unprofessional for publishing.

While blocking photographers from government departments, SLC has permitted its private cameramen to enter the venue while the Corporate Boxes were occupied by women and children raising further questions.

Sri Lanka Cricket at its annual Dialog awards ceremony bestows awards on the media which had been politely rejected by several respected senior cricket writers who prefer to safeguard their ethics and principles and the media is now contemplating a total boycott of awards set aside for its personnel.

Some of the Sri Lanka Cricket officials present at the Galle venue that raised more questions were its president Shammi Silva, Kamal Dharmasiri, Aruna de Silva and Tanesh Dias.