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The Noble Lord

17 January, 2021

Fantasy literature is literature set in an imaginary universe, often but not always without any locations, events, or people from the real world. Magic, the supernatural and magical creatures are common in many of these imaginary worlds.

Fantasy Literature has come a long way for even the next generation embraces it. If fantasy literature isn’t an authentic world, we all want to live there since it takes us into a new world that gives opportunity to think in a different way and to act as different characters. We forget our sorrow, boredom, pain and weaknesses in there and make our lives better than real lives by thinking in a noble way. By using the magical power to help each other and how to rule and control our lives as well as those of others, these are all inevitable in fantasy literature, even though it is not real. In Sri Lanka, there is a new wave of fantasy literature that has appeared during this Covid-19 pandemic era and one of those rising fantasy novels is Gihan Tennakoon’s The Noble Lord.

The Story

The story of The Noble Lord centres on a young man who has assumed the title of ‘Lord; which is a position similar to the Radala during the Kandyan periodin Sri Lanka. This young lord’s name is Lothric Glutenberg and he was born in an empire called Lothricia where a large civil war is taking place. As a Lord, Lothric must be in charge of his responsibilities for his domain’s people and for the people he loves. The story is full of twists and t urns that are completely unexpected. You will get an experience unlike in any other novel as you follow the character of Lothric and other characters. The characters of this story were given life in such a way that we humans can connect with them deeply as this story follows hardships, tragedies and the psychology of each character.


“In the cornucopia of literature Gihan Tennakoon’s The Noble Lord makes its presence felt in a refreshing manner, with a style of narration that is a fusion of the old and new.

He shares his fantasy with a smooth flow of characters changing with circumstances and circumstances changing with characters. Sometimes, they appear as subjects of pure fantasy and at other times true of life, all of them painted vividly and in strength through the storyline. The reader is woven into the story and caught in a game of having to decide what is right and what is wrong and who the villain and who the hero is” – Prof. A.S.B. Wijekoon, Former Dean of The Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, MB (Cey), MD Pae (SL), DCH (Lon), MRCP (UK), FSLCP.

“As a Principal I came across students with various talents from the fields of sports, music, dancing, art, leadership and other fields.I saw the talent of Gihan Tennakoon and the way he tells his surreal stories. I highly recommend anyone to read this novel as it is a very revolutionary novel”

– Mrs. S.S Senadeera,

Principal of Mt/Govt. Science College,

Matale, S.L.E.A.S.1

“16 th U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln once said “the best way to predict the future is to create it”. As a professional businessman I see the future of Sri Lanka as so bright and where our next generation is prosperous. We must encourage people like Gihan Tennakoon as he is a next generation novelist who I believe is the one to put Sri Lanka’s name on the world stage”

– R.R. Mathew Mascarenhas,

Chairman/CEO of Salveo life PVT Ltd

“It was the perfect combination of many loved novels and beautiful concepts. Also the way many cultures of the world mixed into the story was really well done. The characters were given life in such a way that we connect with them deeply” - Arjuna Senevirathne


“Gihan’s story holds an unique flowing storyline and when I was reading it I was left being wondered what will happen next and it made me concentrate on the story so much that it makes me live inside that fantasy universe”

– Asantha Indika

“I rate the story of this novel as 10/10 as it made me speechless. The ending of this novel is so satisfying and I am glad to hear that Gihan is also working on sequels and prequels for this novel” – Sandaru Wijesooriya


“As his first novel the author has connected the story of the novel well with the historical elements of it and there are good extractions from old legends too. It has reached to a new level of imagination. Definitely it will make a better club from the preference of this new magical taste” – Helamini Wijekoon


“The Noble Lord is an extremely powerful novel. The storyline is followed by rich retreat both literal and figurative. A well-known traditional Sri Lankan story is combined with many cultures with the author’s versatile imagination. This is the author’s first novel and he has a superb control of his storyline. I must say, it is a must read – Shalini Magalarachchi


“This book is very inspiring, engaging and very useful for all of us and it is different and refreshing from the other books. Great and excellent job Gihan. I truly recommend this to anyone” – Alanga Eashwarage