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Suitable Friendships

17 January, 2021

According to our life style, we always care about others. You know it is a truth. We talk about our interests, secrets, family problems and similar issues with others and I mean mostly our friends. We like to talk with each other. But what are the things we talk about in a very serious manner. They are mostly problems. They can be our own or any other person’s problems. All of us have different problems. But friendship is not a relationship to always talk always about these problems. Discussion is not a wrong thing. However, friendship is an admixture of many things. Remember ,it is not only for problems.

Admixture of friendship


1. Exchanging ideas

2. Chit chat

3. Go on trips, picnics and adventures

4. Being a good friend (happy tears and sad moments)

5. Helping

6. Be a good listener

7. Be a good adviser

8. Protecting your friends secrets like your own

9. Don’t get angry with friends

10. Go to their occasions, ceremonies, parties and special moments in life time.

11. Bring something as a gift.

Are you a good friend?

Are you a good friend? Being a good friend is an important thing. We have many dreams in our life. Friends are a great symbol. There are so many kinds of friends in our society. Some of them are difficult to understand. But if we find good friends it is our luck. Unfortunately, we can’t always find good ones. That is our bad luck in life. In this busy world, we meet different kinds of people. Some of them are very friendly. But some people are proud, some are bad, some like a solitary lifestyle. Cunning people, brave people, angry people, open hearted people, outmoded people and capable people are among them.. However, if you find someone as a good friend, be careful and try to keep your friendship.

We meet new friends at our work places, relatives’ houses, trips, and in many other ways. We know we are interested in some people’s features, their way of talking, ideas and hopes, educational qualifications, jobs, skin colour, fashions, good luck and other things. Not all of the people, but some people make our mind sensitive at some moments.

Then, we try to make friends with them. But we didn’t know anything about them before. Then we will believe other’s ideas about them from what they said. It’s ok. But situations I get too dangerous at times. We need good friends always. We want good ones. When or where will we find them? First talk to them and exchange your ideas. Then listen carefully to him or her, then remember them. Normally, one day or a week is not enough tto remember a person. You will need much time to remember that one’s true face and ideas correctly.