CBSL warns against online based financial frauds, scams | Sunday Observer

CBSL warns against online based financial frauds, scams

22 January, 2021

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) warned the general public against financial frauds and scams operated via social media, mobile payment applications and internet based applications.

The CBSL strongly advises general public that most fraud and scams appear in terms of easy loan schemes which require less/no documentation, high interest rates  or loan extensions despite the circumstances and not to share any confidential information such as account usernames, passwords, PINs, OTPs or other information required for account verification with anyone and not to give consent to money lenders to access your information stored in the phone such as contact list, documents, files and photographs.  

Also, the Central Bank encourages obtaining real time notifications services such as SMS alerts from banks or non-bank institutions for instant awareness.