Are teal sapphires the next big thing? | Sunday Observer

Are teal sapphires the next big thing?

24 January, 2021

Aaraa & Aati – Sri Lanka’s home-grown luxury jewellery brand – has recognised the new entrant in the gem trade that others in the industry didn’t pay much attention to – Teal Sapphires.

Having stumbled upon this marvel of nature, the company streamlined its focus towards sourcing the most premium quality teal sapphires and specialising in their production – which it has been doing for the past decade now.

Teal sapphires combine the calming depth of blue with the renewing energy of green – a refreshing expression of harmony and clarity; a symbol of fidelity and integrity.

Co-Founder of Aaraa & Aati, Fahmy Rahman said, “Each teal sapphire has a unique personality that is reflected in its colour variations. Their distinctive hues and tones make them very special. And while there are several reasons why coloured gemstones have been worn in the past – such as folklore, legends, myths, associated healing benefits, as talismans, birthstones and zodiac gems –the vivid and gorgeous colours are what make teal sapphires incredibly alluring.”

“Our exquisite collection of Teal Sapphires or the ‘Birds Eye’ range is named after the Eurasian Teal – a common duck species with a distinct teal colour around its eyes. The exceptional quality of our super premium teal sapphires are worthy of international recognition and commendation. And while many experts today consider this gem the next revolution in multi-colored sapphires, we’re undeniably thrilled to pioneer this journey in Sri Lanka,” he said.