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Beware of online financial frauds, scams

24 January, 2021

The Central Bank has received information regarding several types of financial frauds and scams being operated through social media, internet-based applications and mobile payment applications.

Most of these scams are conducted through web or mobile app based easy loan schemes that attract the public. During such a loan application evaluation process, the fraudsters entice the public to share confidential personal customer information and data.

Be cautious when applying to easy/instant loan schemes with characteristics such as:

* Attractive slogans which lure customers in such as zero interest for the first loan

* Extremely high interest rates even though the initial interest rates may be low

* Advertised as requiring no or little documentation

* Adequate information of the money lenders cannot be found

* Loan extensions can be requested and are granted at any time despite the circumstances

* Advertised as quick approval