Cenmetrix Sri Lanka wins RFID software project for client in USA | Sunday Observer

Cenmetrix Sri Lanka wins RFID software project for client in USA

24 January, 2021

Cenmetrix was recently awarded a project to develop a RFID document management software solution for a large US Corporate that specialises in providing storage and innovative efficiency systems to all types of businesses and government agencies in the US.

The RFID solution allows each document to be tagged with a RFID sticker and document details are recorded against the RFID tag. When the document is stored, the stored location will be saved and it can be read using a handheld reader.

While documents are moved through the doors, the application monitors whether it is an authorized movement with the use of RFID readers fixed at the doors. If the movement is not authorized, the system generates an alarm.

The system is also equipped with great benefits such as classification of documents by type, credential and access management for handling specific documents.

Chittananda Kulatilake, Director, Cenmetrix said, “We have been a market leader in Sri Lanka when it comes to identity management solutions, be it biometrics or RFID based. Our client recognized the fact we had a great domain knowledge of the product, solution and we had a team that was highly capable of getting the job done.

Our past track record on delivery of software and hardware projects gave an affirmation to the customer that we could deliver. We are excited that we were selected to develop this application.” Cenmetrix (cenmetrix.lk) is a Sri Lankan based digital identity management solutions company counting over 15 years of market experience.