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If I could go back in time

24 January, 2021

At this very moment my thoughts go back to that carefree life. I used to spend time with my mother at home before I was admitted to school. I still remember my early childhood, playing with my toys and hanging on to my mother whenever I wanted her love and affection.

She used to cuddle and fondle me in her arms. She used to tell me interesting stories to which I listened eagerly. Sometimes, the two of us played with the doll’s house. I remember how she took my side whenever I quarreled with my brother. When my father came home after work he used to bring us sweets. We really had a carefree life. Oh! How I long to go back to that stage of my life.

Now, things are quite different. Much of my time is spent with books or at tuition classes. There is hardly any time to play or even to speak to our parents. Life has become stressful. By the time we finish our tuition classes and come home we are tired. We go to bed after dinner as soon as night falls.

If I could go back in time I would run to my early childhood and enjoy the luxury of being loved and fondled by my mother.


M.S. Radika Charuni,

Grade 8, Morawaka Keerthi Abeywickrema National School, Morawaka.