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Credence launches Covid Diagnostics Centre

7 February, 2021

Credence Genomics, trail blazers in the area of genome diagnostics, has launched the Covid Diagnostics Centre to cater to the needs of Covid RT-qPCR testing in Sri Lanka.

The Covid Diagnostics Center is a diagnostic grade facility with the capacity to deliver over 6000 tests, a 4 hour reporting time and a lab time of 70 mins. Credence CDC , President Dr. Sarath Paranavitane, an industry veteran who has been involved in many important local and international healthcare projects  that cater to high quality testing and patient care will be heading the Centre.  

“The vision behind the Covid Diagnostics Centre (CDC) is to serve the need for rapid high quality PCR testing where a patient can conduct the gold standard qPCR test within three hours based on enhanced technology investments. The unit uses robotic magnetic bead extractors from Pentabase Denmark, a leader in RNA extraction and qPCR. The units are used in major airports, and health institutions including Sri Lanka’s BIA lab which conducted 100,00 tests on this  platform recently”, said Dr. Paranavitane. CEO, Credence Genomics Dr. Vaz Gnanam  said, “The Covid Diagnostic Center is an amalgamation of scientists, healthcare professionals, and the most advanced technology along with data systems and processes under the exemplary leadership of Dr. Sarath Paranavitane  in response to the national crisis caused by Covid. Credence Genomics considers it  a privilege to serve our nation at this time of crisis.”