Digital privacy foremost concern for 79% Lankans | Sunday Observer

Digital privacy foremost concern for 79% Lankans

7 February, 2021

As International Privacy Day dawned on January 28, Viber, among the world’s leading apps for free and easy communication, unveiled the results of its global in-app voluntary poll in which approximately 340,000 people participated, revealing 77 percent of Viber users across the globe say digital privacy is very important for them. 

Based on the data gathered from Sri Lanka, results of the Viber poll displayed similar statistics. When local Viber users were asked how much they care about digital privacy in messaging apps, the result was a resounding 79 percent. As the Covid-19 crisis continues to accelerate the digitisation of many aspects of life, from education to work to healthcare, people are turning to apps and digital formats to stay connected to family members, friends, and colleagues. Rakuten Viber’s recent poll underscores that through the transformation, data privacy is still on top of the mind for its users.  Around 79% of the respondents globally state that they would switch their messaging app due to any privacy concerns. Which speaks by itself that users take privacy really seriously and it is vital for them.  For Sri Lankan users too, in choosing a messaging app, 88 percent valued end-to-end encryption where their calls and chats to family and friends remained private.  Also 72 percent placed greater emphasis on privacy being an essential criteria in selecting and switching to an app that responded to their privacy concerns.

Viber’s private calls and chats are end-to-end encrypted. No one can join or be invited to group chats without permission.