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Eat Right wins best Web Silver for e-Commerce platform

7 February, 2021
The Eat Right team receives the Best Web “Silver Award” in the e-Commerce platform category from Lake House Chairman/ Managing Director, W. Dayaratne (PC)
The Eat Right team receives the Best Web “Silver Award” in the e-Commerce platform category from Lake House Chairman/ Managing Director, W. Dayaratne (PC)

For its uniqueness and the website’s ease-of-use, security features and transparency,, the website of Just Eat Right (Pvt) Ltd, one of Sri Lanka’s pioneering health food restaurants,recently won the Silver Best Web Award in the e-Commerce platform category.

The Best Web Awards are conducted by the LK Domain Registry every year and recognises websites that promote and popularise web presence in Sri Lanka.

Many businesses were driven to rethink their business model and come up with new strategies during the recent lockdown in Sri Lanka. New health and safety regulations and reaching customers at their homes became an imperative, mainly for hospitality and the food industries.

Remodelling business

Just Eat Right (Pvt) Ltd also found themselves rethinking their business during the pandemic. With the restaurants temporarily shut down and food delivery not being an option, the Eat Right team turned to their website to see what could be done. While working on the site, the team began to get inquiries from their loyal customers for goods which was in scarcity at the time. Starting off with something as simple, yet as essential as bread, Eat Right transformed their platform to include daily essentials that were hygienically and promptly delivered to Colombo and the suburbs.

While working on the fresh country white and brown bread deliveries, the team then took in to consideration more requests from customers and their own daily needs and sourced out vendors who were also finding it difficult to get their produce across to customers. Eat Right thereafter created an e-Commerce platform that would bridge the gap between the producer and the consumer.

One of the most notable projects was when Eat Right undertook to ensure that Avurudhu celebrations were not dampened by the lockdown by creating sweetmeat baskets sourced from local vendors and delivering them to those who needed a little bit of celebration. The project ensured that home-based vendors had a much-needed source of income during the difficult times.

“We started working mainly with home-based or small businesses that were finding it difficult to sell their products. It started off with essential goods but eventually evolved to other products as well”, Eat Right Managing Director Minoli Peiris said.

Lifestyle location

Today, Eat Right’s e-Commerce platform has transformed in to a lifestyle location that is the hub for many small and medium scale entrepreneurs. Working with brands that have unique products to offer like gluten-free cakes, keto-friendly food, organic produce, handmade soaps, artisan teas and much more, Eat Right is also a platform for customers to ‘choose life’ through products that are certified good for you.

The Eat Right website also won the hearts of its customers for another unique feature which reached out to one of the most marginalised sections of our community. During the lockdown the homeless had no food, clothing or even access to clean drinking water. The Eat Right team together with their customers and contributors from around the world launched a “Gift a Meal” campaign online where customers could “buy” a meal for as many homeless people as they could afford. Eat Right was able to feed hundreds of the homeless and also provide them with other essentials, such as clothes and sanitary products.

“It was such a humbling experience to see that people were still willing to reach out and do something in whatever way they could to support those who could not support themselves during difficult times. Working with the homeless was such an eye opener for all of us that we have now decided to extend this feature on the website to allow more people to reach out to vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka,”Minoli said.

Eat Right will list out care homes for children, elders and differently-abled on their website with the requirements at each facility. Customers can then donate funds which will be transformed to the goods required by Eat Right and supplied to the care home. This ensures transparency and that the money reaches those who need it the most.