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Viharamahadevi Park, in Cinnamon Gardens:

Green cover in the concrete jungle

7 February, 2021

It is a piece of shelter for countless numbers of birds and other little creatures in the middle of the hot suburb. The blazing sun and the heat throughout the day have made not only the birds but also people reach out to this lush green cover amid the town.

The green canopy which includes a variety of precious lush giants is a cooling agent for the busy city. It is none other than the Viharamahadevi Park, which is straddling the heart of Colombo.

The Viharamahadevi Park, in Cinnamon Gardens, facing Town-Hall, is a breathtaking scenic place lying amid the concrete jungle. It is the reflection of incomparable mother nature.

The wind breeze through the park heals and relaxes the ones who pass by. The creatures, such as crows, ducks, cranes and other animals that are parched and exhausted by the increasing heat of the daytime, gather in the park to quench the thirst and refresh themselves by dipping in the ponds.

The cool shades of the trees are the best spots for them to wander around and feed themselves and their youngsters with mouthfuls of the worms and tiny creatures. The residents of this green cover are the birds who have converted the entire park to their condominiums.

Mind-calming place

This spot of natural beauty is mesmerising beyond all the suburban luxury in the Colombo city. The city dwellers find the park as a mind-calming place that refreshes the soul.

This is one of the most selected places among photographers and videographers, which provides exceptional sceneries that are also undisturbed and peaceful.

The park is adored and frequently visited by joggers, trekkers, writers, adults and children. The park could be named as a romantic place as it is frequently dwelled by lovers. Due to the calm, quiet environment and the cool weather, the lovers gather in the park to spend their time leisurely with no disturbance.

The jogging and cycling pathways circling the park are turning busy in the early mornings and evenings mostly on weekdays. The children’s park is also fully equipped by the children who visit the park during evenings and weekends with their parents. They make sure not to miss pony rides on every visit. The Viharamaha Devi Park Open Air Stadium is a venue for concerts and public events.The small-scale vendors in the park never fail to attract the crowds with all kinds of sweet and spicy refreshments.


The park was built according to the concepts of the British Colonial Administration and was originally named “Victoria Park” after Queen Victoria and renamed as “Viharamahadevi Park” after Queen Viharamahadevi, the mother of King Dutugamunu on July 18, 1958.

The park is the largest and the oldest park in Colombo. The Golden Buddha Statue in the park replaced the statue of Queen Victoria which originally stood there.

The water fountains, the artificial lake, the grassy field, the suspension bridge and the children’s play area have converted the park into an ideal recreation spot. The War Memorial next to the Public Library represents an outstanding architectural style. Cenotaph and memorial walls pay tribute to Sri Lankan and European soldiers who died in World Wars.

The giant trees across the garden are cooling plants to the Colombo City which is highly populated and is being subjected to environmental pollution daily. The green cover which conquered the heart of Colombo is an absolute treasure as it reminds the residents the immense value of nature. Those who at least visited the place once, should be grateful and bear the responsibility of protecting this kind of public property for the sake of the country’s future.