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Smart strategies to fight the pandemic

7 February, 2021

Sustaining through the pandemic is the main challenge amid other challenges we face on a daily basis. The Covid-19 virus is becoming more unpredictable, fast-evolving, and extremely contagious day by day. Becoming resistant in the best way is the only option left.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time people have forgotten the precautions and health guidelines they practised seriously during the initial outbreak of the virus. As a result, the societies and the communities are approaching a risky zone where the situation could become uncontrollable.

Even though the adversity of the Covid-19 virus is discussed and reminded daily, we can’t regard it as a minor issue. If we do so, we will be putting the lives of children, youth, and senior citizens in danger. Dr. Lahiru Prabodha, medical officer at the District Base Hospital, Dikoya, speaking to the Sunday Observer explained the gravity of the issue and how to be equipped in the smartest ways.

Reason for the fast spread of the virus

Dr. Lahiru said the reason behind the fast spread of the virus is the lack of knowledge of the nature of the virus. “Most of the adults who rarely listen to the radio or watch television are unaware about how the virus is spread and the importance of obeying health guidelines.

The virus is airborne and it could enter the atmosphere when we sneeze, talk or cough. This is why we should wear a mask to block the nasal and mouth cavities to avoid entering and intaking the virus. Wearing a face shield is more appropriate as the virus can enter the human system via the eyes.

Self-discipline and safety precautions

“There are many crucial fundamentals that every citizen should follow at present. Above all, self-discipline should align with the common health guidelines as it is the foundation that strengthens the restraint of the spread of the virus. Minimising social interaction, wearing a quality face mask, maintaining one-metre distance, avoid touching people and objects, sanitising hands after touching objects in public are the mandatory rules that one must follow. Being mindful in a smart way is the most convenient health strategy used all over the world,” he said.

The smartest strategies

Explaining the smartest health guidelines and strategies Dr. Lahiru elaborated on the novel concepts everyone needs to learn and practice amid the pandemic. “The Face Mask is the basic tool that we use to prevent the intake and output of the virus. Due to lack of knowledge and financial struggles people tend to use low-quality masks. Even though the surgical masks are manufactured for single-use, people reuse them after washing several times. As a result, the filtering layer is destroyed and the mask becomes completely useless. We need to understand that surgical masks could be used only once and then it should be discarded.

N95 masks are durable and reusable. But as they are costly most people are reluctant to buy them. As a remedy cloth masks with several layers were recommended by the health officials to overcome the pandemic and the financial struggles. Also, one must understand that constant touching and removal of masks will not protect you or the others from the contacting the virus.

There are plenty of smart devices and remedies introduced to make our daily tasks easier while avoiding social contact. It is advisable to remote work as it protects one from frequent social interaction.

Online banking, online tutoring, using Covid-19 protective apps, online alert activation are some of the novel smart strategies to stay safe from the pandemic wave.

Apart from that, the government has installed a QR code to scan when entering public places. Therefore, you no longer need to write the personal info in a book which requires you hold the pen and the book touched by others.

As responsible citizens, everyone should act wisely in critical situations to help the health sector servers such as doctors and nurses to minimise the pressure faced by them. It is time that we get together to fight the battle of the pandemic for a safe, healthy, and sustainable future” he said.