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Bad weather

7 February, 2021

As I got up in the morning I felt very disappointed to know that it was another , gloomy, rainy day. I could hear the distant thunder and rain-drops falling on the roof. I had many plans such as playing football and playing in school.

I could not play anything. It had been raining for a week. My brother was also worried.The only good thing was that we lived on the second floor. If we were on the ground floor by now our house would have been flooded.

I got ready to go to school. Our van arrived but we could not walk to it because the ground was flooded. We removed our shoes and walked to the van.

When we arrived at the school the downpour was heavy and I thought we were going to be drenched in the rain. Luckily, I remembered the umbrella in my bag. I took it out and went inside. The staircase had become muddy and a boy nearly slipped and fell. The rain had stopped. I was very happy. But my happiness did not last as it started raining again. I could not play after school.Bad weather makes us feel so helpless!


Aryaan Rizan,

Grade 7,

Hejaaz International School, Mt. Lavinia