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Food, oh glorious food!

7 February, 2021

Different dishes of food can express the traditions and history of a nation and its society, through the burst of unique flavours that it gives us. The types of food that the many different countries of Asia have to offer, create an interesting variation of tastes and spice palates that offer insight into each of their rich cultures. Some such traditional dishes and their countries are given below.


Bulgogi (bool-go-ghee)

Originating from South Korea, Bulgogi is believed to have been part of the Korean diet since the ancient Goguryeo period. This mouth-watering dish consists of thinly sliced meat strips that are marinated to have a sweet, spicy or smoky flavour and is generally prepared with either grilled beef or pork.



These steamed dumplings filled with meat and herbs come from Mongolia and are cooked in almost all areas of the country. These delicious dumplings are served as the main dish during Mongolia’s Lunar New Year celebrations referred to as, Tsagaan Sar. Mongolians also enjoy the different types of Buuz made with a range of ingredients and shaped into many forms, as a daily dish.


This wintry delicacy originates or comes from the Eastern part of Tibet. The word Thukpa is used to mean, noodle This traditional noodle soup made with many different kinds of meat, is popular, not only among the Tibetan people but also among communities in countries such as Nepal.



This Japanese dish is one which is commonly loved by the Japanese people as well as other people around the world. This batter fried delicacy made with seafood, meat or vegetables which are covered in batter and deep fried in oil, is generally eaten with Tentsuyu sauce which adds even more flavour to the dish.