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GOLF a great game

7 February, 2021

Even though it is said that the modern version of golf began in the 15th century, its real origin is not clearly known yet.

One theory is that the Chinese game, Chuiwan is the ancestor of golf. This was found through an artwork known as ‘The Autumn Banquet’ which shows a person swinging what looks very much like a golf club to hit a ball into a hole.

Another theory is that this game goes back to the ancient game of Paganica introduced by the Romans. In Paganica, they had to hit a stuffed leather ball with a bent stick. This theory also says that as the Romans continuously conquered land, the game spread everywhere leading to the modern sport known as golf.

Modern golf

The modern game of golf originated in Scotland. The definite first ‘written’ record of golf is from King James II’s prohibition or banning of the game in 1457 as he believed it to be a huge distraction to archery. Luckily, James IV lifted the ban in 1502 once he too became a golfer with the first golf clubs being record ed in 1503. In 1764, the typical 18-hole golf course was started in St Andrews and later adapted to around 18 to 22 holes.

The golf course on Musselburg Links, East Lothian, Scotland which was begun in March 1672 is officially said to be the oldest golf course by ‘Guinness World Records.

Golf is an an easy game as you must hit the ball from certain clubs depending on the situation and get the least score unlike any other game.

Golf is also really good as it gives s a lot of exercise and teaches you patience. You can take your time and you do not have to rush.

You will also have to walk around 1-2 km burning a lot of fat and the exercise will make you well and fit.

Golf ranges

Most golf clubs have now provided golf ranges enabling us to practice before matches and tournaments. Golf also gives opportunities to go abroad and play on different courses. It also relieves stress, creating a a calm and tranquil mind.

This game is also recommended to those who enjoy greenery as there are thousands of trees on either side of the green and soft grass on the entire course.

I enjoy this game very much as it is simple and I do not have to rush. It is also quite challenging at times and I appreciate challenges. I also like that creators have developed golf into video games allowing us to play from anywhere. I also look up to Tiger Woods. He is one of the greatest golf players who has tied for first place in PGA tour wins and he also holds many different golf records, He is also widely accepted as the greatest golf player.

There has been a world record set by Rhein Gibson, as he officially reached a score of 55 in a par 71 getting 12 birdies and two eagles on a par 71. This score is recognied by Guinness World Records too.


Kavindra Samarasekera,

Grade 7,

Colombo International

School, Colombo 7