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How I won the race

7 February, 2021

It was the day I was looking forward to. It was the day I would achieve my dreams.I woke up , felt refreshed and went early to the stadium. It was so peaceful. I breathed in the fresh air. It gave me the feeling that my dream will come true.

I wore my spiked shoes with confidence. I stood at the starting line and after a few minutes, the referee blew the whistle. I ran with all my might. The spectators were cheering. After a few minutes of hard running it was the last lap.

I felt tired and I felt like stopping but all of a sudden I remembered what our coach told me just before I started. He said that ‘if you lose your effort you will lose everything. So, I ran with all my might and I won the race. My dream came true and it was an amazing experience.


Ahamed Minhaal,

Grade 8,

Hejaaz International School,

Mount Lavinia.