Lanka comes under cyber attack | Sunday Observer redirected to hacker’s webpage

Lanka comes under cyber attack

7 February, 2021

Sri Lanka came under a cyber-attack yesterday (6) after the country domain site faced a malicious redirection to a webpage created by the hackers.

Internet users attempting to reach these sites were redirected to this page instead which displayed statements relating to the struggle of the Sri Lankan estate workers to increase their wages to Rs. 1,000. “In what appears to be a major domain level hijack, Sri Lanka’s traffic of seems to be redirected to a propaganda page.

Feedback received is it’s a clustered issue, SLCERT is aware of the redirect and coordinating with relevant stakeholders” Cyber Security expert Asela Waidyalankara tweeted.

According to users, those outside the country attempting to enter were not affected indicating that only some users from within the country had experienced the cyber-attack.

However, by late afternoon, the issue appeared to be resolved after the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) along with SLCERT took steps to rectify the matter. According to the Registrar of the Domain registry, Prof. Gihan Dias, only around 10 websites had been affected. He said investigations into the incident are being conducted. TRC also informed users that they can lodge any complaints regarding the issue on telephone numbers 0114 216061.