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Caroline Jurie:

A beauty setting international standards

7 February, 2021

Inspiring many young women and girls, Caroline Jurie brought fame and recognition to her motherland by winning the prestigious Mrs. World crown in 2020. Since then, Jurie has been making a difference through her dedication to helping others who are less fortunate, through her kind and generous contribution to society. Her recent participation as an esteemed member in the panel of judges of the Mrs. India pageant is an indicator of the recognition of her talents and expertise by the international community.

Speaking to the Sunday Observer, Jurie shared her experiences as an internationally recognised pageant evaluator and shed light on the knowledge she gained and the factors that have motivated her to overcome hardships along her road to prestige.


Q: You recently had an opportunity of being included in the jury panel for the Mrs. India beauty pageant. What was your experiences as a judge of the beauty pageant?

A: It was an enlightening experience. The way they run the pageant is quite a lesson. I learned how closely the choreographer works with each contestant. I met Sobha Ali Khan and the other judges. Vivek Oberoi participated in the judging virtually, but the interaction was an experience. Working with Mrs. India Inc. founder Mohini Sharma was great. We built a good rapport. I've invited her to come over for the finals of the Mrs. World competition which will be held in Sri Lanka this year. Overall, there was a lot of learning. It was a great experience.

Q: As a judge of a beauty pageant, what are the main features and qualities you look for in a contestant and why are those features important to you?

A: How they carry themselves is important. I look at each contestant as a potential Mrs. World. How they face the Q and A session is important. If they win the world crown, how they would use that title and position is also important. I believe you have to use the title to empower others. With regard to physical aspects, height is important. They have to be pleasant and have to have the grace to carry the crown if they win it. These factors are important to me.

Q: When competing in international beauty pageants, what has been your experience regarding biases and discrimination within the pageant and have you faced issues such as colourism?

A: I'm not sure about biases and discrimination in the pageant world. It may be something that happens but I didn't face it. If I did, I wouldn't have been able to go to the US all alone, with no team or support and compete with contestants who had all the support they needed and still win the crown for Sri Lanka.

Q: What are the main lessons you have learnt by competing in international beauty pageants and meeting different people from different cultures and backgrounds?

A: Initially I was happy to meet people from different countries. I built a network of friendships and connections. As the months went by, I realised that infact what I was doing is building up a network as a Sri Lankan. After all, I won the Mrs. World crown as Mrs. Sri Lanka. I realised that what I represent is Sri Lanka. That is much more powerful than thinking of yourself.

Q: What has, being crowned as Mrs. World, taught you?

A: There are many realisations along the way, since winning the crown. But the most important thing is the 'power of self-belief'. Most often we create limitations for ourselves thinking about what we don't have. But what is more important is to be focused on what you want to achieve. If your belief is strong and powerful and your faith is unshakeable, the universe has a way of making way for your dreams to come true, no matter what odds stand in the way.

Q: How did you become interested in beauty pageants?

A: It wasn't an ambition or interest I had since my childhood. I got interested in the pageant when my friends encouraged me to participate. But when I did, I started focusing my energy on it.

Q: What advice can you offer to the young girls and women who aspire to become iconic beauty queens such as yourself?

A: Believe in yourself and have the courage to follow your heart. Don't let limitations make you feel small. Don't let others tell you that you are not good enough. Just be yourself and chase your dream.