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Midea partners Telesonic in reforestation drive

14 February, 2021
Plant bank: One of the largest in Sri Lanka
Plant bank: One of the largest in Sri Lanka

Consumer electronics powerhouse Telesonic is braving the pandemic to renew its commitment to growing bio diverse forests in Sri Lanka where it is supporting sustained care over mere tree planting.

As temperatures rise to historical highs environment-friendly, energy-efficient air conditioners are becoming an essential commodity, in commercial and personal space.

Telesonic’s successful collaboration as Sri Lanka’s exclusive partner for Midea, the world’s largest manufacturer of appliances including air conditioners brought the company closer to the subject of clean, cool air.

Several years on, Telesonic’s partnership with positive impact influencer Geo Explore Foundation is holding firm even through the devastating Covid-19 pandemic as one of Sri Lanka’s most ambitious reforestation nexus continues an emphatic effort to grow forests.

On course to becoming a path-bearer in reforestation in Sri Lanka, Geo Explore advocates for bio diversity and sustainability over putting fashionably large numbers of plants into soil. Growing on the ethos of sustainability demands financial and time commitment, the reason why few takes the route. But the ambitious conservation partnership is creating an epic model for Sri Lanka in how bio diverse forests could be grown bringing humans into the equation as guardians of sustainability with bio diverse forests yielding a plethora of benefits in return.

Telesonic’s Managing Director Arun Mahtani said, “The economy and the health of the planet are badly hit. One cannot survive without the other and time is running out for both. That’s why you see Telesonic, with our global partner Midea leading from the front in committing to the triple bottom-line even in times of great adversity”. Mahtani avers that the brand’s relationship with Geo Explore Foundation is holding out an inspiration to the business world driving the message that to thrive in business one must also ensure that people and the environment must thrive.

Geo Explore Foundation’s Field Base in Buttala sees an ambitious reforestation project in full swing where it’s growing a model forest reserve. The plant count in its vast nurseries stands at around 45,000, reportedly making it Sri Lanka’s largest plant nursery. Much of the plants arrived from a women’s empowerment programme. Plans are afoot to establish a bio diversity research and development center along with several partner programmes in conservation and sustainable development. One such initiative, to reforest an area around a tank in the Yala Buffer Zone, has already begun in partnership with a farmer society.

“What makes our conservation mission all the more difficult is our commitment to ensuring that plants we bring up must be taken care of for up to 3 years so that they can grow into a bio-diverse forest on their own,” said Mahtani.