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Remote training and skills development for Team Airtel

14 February, 2021

Starting with the initial lockdown in March 2020, Airtel Lanka has been doubling down on digitisation of employee upskilling, learning and development and the results are already starting to show. 

“With the prevailing pandemic, workplace cultures which were once designed to meet face to face, inspire and collaborate is becoming obsolete. This disruption presented a new challenge especially for the continuation of learning and development. Whilst many organisations resorted to cost cutting in different forms, we believed that learning was more important than ever before. Capabilities aim to make organisations and individuals more resilient, adaptable, and innovative,” Airtel’s Managing Director and CEO, Ashish Chandra said. 

Over the past two quarters, over 85% of the company’s workforce switched  to digitised training programs which includes the Airtel Executive Development Program conducted in partnership with the Postgraduate “Developing strong, diverse teams is one of our most important leadership functions.  This means that all our employees need to have the skills necessary to thrive even if they are in a remote work environment. That is why we are digitising all facets of our HR process.” Airtel Lanka, Head of HR, Kanishka Ranaweera said.